Room Enclosures

Ampro Room Enclosures are known for manufacturing some of the most efficient energy saving rooms. The room’s walls and roof panels feature a highly dense material known as Expanded Polystyrene, or EPS, a material that’s impervious to the effects of seasonal weather.

The room’s windows are manufactured with Cardinal’s LoE2 270 glass with superior glare control. The window’s features include blocking 84% of harmful UV radiation, absorbing 60% visible light and reflecting nearly all invisible solar infrared rays.

Ampro Room Enclosure’s walls and windows are housed by heavy duty extruded aluminum coupled with thermal breaks. A resin based material is incorporated in the frames that block the exchange temperatures keeping the heat of summer and the cold of winter outside.

Porch Enclosures

Ampro Porch Enclosures offers several different porch enclosure systems giving the homeowners numerous options to choose from.

porch enclosures are economical and custom designed to meet any homeowner’s needs.

The aluminum framing is wider than any other porch enclosure on the market. All porch enclosure manufacturers offer 2″ x 2″ extruded components for their porch rooms; however Ampro has raised the bar by offering extruded components that are 2″ x 3″. That’s 33 percent more aluminum in the frame making it the most durable porch enclosure on the market.

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